Indo- Armenian Couple interning at KISS

“No words can really completely capture the joyous feelings in our hearts when we think of how KISS and KIIT have benefited thousands of tribal children in past 2 decades.We are a Indo-Armenian couple, My husband is an Indian by ethnicity and a doctor by profession. He did his medicine from Armenia and I am a musician and dancer by profession. We came here through an exchange program between the Armenian embassy in India and KISS and KIIT made possible by efforts of his Excellency Mr. A.Martirosyan ambassador of Republic of Armenia in India and founder director Dr. Prof A.Samanta KISS and KIIT. KISS is an indescribable experience-so pure, so humble and so so wise  initiative and it is really incredible the way everyone at KISS are constantly supporting and helping Dr. Prof A. Samanta in his untiring quest to bring meaning to life of thousands of children who are future of  India and world at every level along the every possible path. 

We are so humbled by Dr. Prof A.Samanta’s vast wisdom and patience and so inspired by his efforts being put in by him in KISS and KIIT with all working staff in KISS and KIIT with the unwavering goal of planting seeds for future, making quality education accessible, teaching, sharing, inspiring, reaching out, giving a shoulder, and showing the way to attaining the peerless enlightenment and always benefiting these children living in KISS. Also his excellency Mr. A.Martirosyan ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in India’s kind heartedness and gesture to do the needful from his side for the underprivileged students of KISS and hence strengthing the strong foundation of Indo-Armenian relations. It is just so blissful knowing that we were a small part of KISS and we did a micro project of exchanging knowledge of Armenian music and dance with children in KISS and sharing techniques of basic life support in this great mandala made by Dr.Prof A.Samanta, though it was for only a few days but this experience of lifetime will remain in our hearts forever and will always be ever ready to come back in here again for any task or project given to us. Thank you everyone starting from the innocent and loved children in KISS to every single employee who made our stay unforgettable..… and most of all thank you to his Excellency Mr. A Martirosyan ambassador of Republic of Armenia in India and  Dr. Prof A.Samanta  for giving us opportunity to be here and exchange culture of Armenia and knowledge of basic life support also giving us chance for knowing the true meaning and purpose of life and understanding the Art of Giving.”