Project Description

Name of the collaborating Institute: ILS, Bhubaneswar & RPRC, Bhubaneswar

Principal Investigator of the project:  Dr. Rashmi Mohapatra, Dean, School of Comparative Indic Studies and Tribal Sciences, KISS DU

Project Objectives:

  1. Collection of prioritized high-value indigenous medicinal plants from Odisha, extraction of phytochemicals from plant materials.
  2. Large scale rapid high throughput screening of extracts to evaluate their anti-SARS- CoV2, and immune-modulatory properties.
  3. High throughput and high content screening of extracts to evaluate their anti-SARS- CoV2 anti-viral activity


KISS, has field centres in Mayurbhanj (Similipal) and Kandhmal (Gandhmardan Hills). They will be primarily responsible for the identification and collection of plant species with potential applications for anti-viral studies. They will have primary extracts for these samples evaluated against known antiviral assays systems and provide samples to ILS for further screening.