Mr Tejinder Singh Sandhu has over 37 years of varied multi-sector experience in very challenging environments in six Nigerian states and in eleven Indian States: Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand and Maharashtra and the seven North-Eastern states. He has 17 years of work experience in the Indian Administrative Service and twenty-seven years of experience in UNICEF which has given him a unique perspective on development issues, collaboration and partnership development for children and vulnerable groups.

He has a sound understanding of how governments work at federal and state levels, public policy, budgeting and international developments and perspectives enabling him to challenge existing ways of doing business and change existing paradigms, explore new ways of doing business and fostering innovation and partnerships to respond to the challenges in the well-being of children and women. His experience in developing large scale social sector partnerships is an asset for any CSR activity.

He has directed the team responsible for the successful eradication of guinea worm in Rajasthan, the last state to eradicate guinea worm in India. This was a multi-stakeholder partnership cutting across 7 departments of government including Health, Education, Water and Sanitation, Drilling and others.

He has extensive experience in urban development including as Director National Capital Region for Rajasthan and as City Administrator of Jaipur with responsibility for urban development and maintenance.

Other than that, he has Initiated UNICEF India Social Policy work in the India Country Office in 2004 and established a UNICEF office in Nigeria for upstream policy work and for strengthening the investments at the subnational level for social protection and human development.