Mr Vikramaditya is the Vice President of KIIT University and KISS University – an ecosystem of its kind that includes the world’s largest indigenous organisation. For over two decades, he has campaigned and worked in grassroots for poverty reduction, human rights and involuntary displacement. Concomitantly, he administered public relations, networking, fundraising and governance assistance to all the organisations with which he has been associated. He has also been involved in policymaking in association with state governments and other stakeholders in pivotal domains of Resettlement and Rehabilitation and State Youth Policy. His diverse portfolio includes work with UNDP, UN Women and Tata Steel in different capacities. He is also an IVLP Fellow and a Fullbright Scholar.

He has been working with the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences since 2006. He has been instrumental in helping the institute secure innovative needs-based development projects while forging successful partnerships with various departments of the Government of Odisha, Government of India, UN Agencies, Foundations, and Corporates. This has led to the creation of diversity in the talent pool from the platform of KISS & KIIT for a globalized world. He was one of the founder members of institutionalizing the Kalinga Fellowship – a campaign and creating leadership to deal with the pressing issue of violence against women. He spearheaded the evacuation of stranded international citizens and migrant labourers during the Covid pandemic. He is a strong supporter of indigenous rights, and through his years of experience, he has helped KISS maintain a culturally sensitive and welcoming space for tribal youth of Odisha.

He has recently been selected to join the prestigious UN Executive Leadership Programme for Sustainable Development