The Harvard India Trek convenes a distinguished cohort of 40 global leaders, comprising alumni and current students of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government (Harvard Kennedy School). Spanning diverse fields such as politics, policymaking, business, academia, the development sector, and law, this high-level delegation embarks on a journey subsidized by KIIT and KISS. The expedition aims to deepen participants’ understanding of India’s cultural and socio-economic landscape, with a particular emphasis on Odisha. The delegates will spend four days in New Delhi, engaging with senior politicians and elected representatives, bureaucrats and diplomats, chiefs and heads of bilateral and multilateral organisations (including UN agencies), industrialists and unicorn start-up founders. Throughout their visit, delegates will delve into critical societal issues, including education, healthcare, policymaking, and the rights of indigenous peoples. Their itinerary includes immersive experiences in Odisha, encompassing women’s empowerment initiatives, the innovative 5T initiatives, and comprehensive tribal development programs. Alongside these engagements, delegates will partake in sightseeing excursions to heritage sites in Delhi, Agra and Odisha, enriching their understanding of India’s rich history and cultural heritage.

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