KISS is pioneering capacity development on Sustainable Development Goals with two distinct yet interrelated workshops under the banner of the “National Workshop on Building Capacity for Localising SDGs“. The first initiative, with ​a ​KISS​ and ​UNSSC​ partnership,​ aims to gain a perspective on SDG implementation from UN Agencies, and NGOs, with training facilitated by UNSSC, Bonn. Subsequently, on days 2 and 3 of the event, KISS is partnering with NITI Aayog and the Government of Odisha for a national worksop to understand capacity building requirements of different states of India. Participants at th​is​ workshop will include senior officials from state governments , NITI Aayog and international development partners. The long-term goal of ​this ​ 3 day​ national workshop is to help India establish itself as a global hub for capacity building on SDGs.

The workshops will be held on below dates:

  1. KISS-UNSSC Capacity Building Workshop | 15-16 February 2018
  2. KISS-NITI Aayog Capacity Building Workshop | 16-17 February 2018


National Workshop capacity building SDG 2018