“Raja” the most prominent local festival of Odisha, falls on the first day of the month of “Asada” from which the season of rain starts. It inaugurates and welcomes the year of agriculture all over Odisha. The festival celebrates the fertility of Mother Earth. Significantly, it is a festival of unmarried girls who are pampered and spend time in joyous festivity. Some of the more notable traditions followed in Raja involve the use of rope swings on trees and the enjoymeny of lyrical folk songs. It is a festival of merrymaking.

The joyous festival was celebrated at KISS with great splendour. More than 1000 students of KISS have not gone home for vacations, either for sports activities or due to having no one to care for them at home. These students will be the lucky recipients of a culinary delight of a sumptuous meal consisting of chicken curry and a specially prepared Pitha (cake).