Project Description

Nano Innovation Laboratory was established in the year 2020 with a mission of exploring scientific research in the field of upcoming Nano Science and Technology. At present research is going on synthesis and characterization of semiconducting and Nano materials synthesis and different electronic applications, Photocatalytic application, Device fabrication like thermistor, varistor etc. Research is also carried out in wide-band-gap semiconductor nano-materials for application in environmental cleaning, optoelectronic devices and nano-ferrites. The centre has facilities to synthesize pure and doped semiconductor wide-band-gap nano-materials, viz. ZnO, CdS, TiO2 and metallic nano-particles, using high energy ball milling, chemical co-precipitation technique, auto combustion, solgel method. The synthesized nano-materials are characterized for their photocatalytic activities and for their antibacterial activities.


Nano Innovation Laboratory at the School of Indigenous Knowledge Science and Technology (IKST) acts as a resource centre to address the scientific problems related to nanotechnology.  The objectives of the laboratory include synthesis and production of nanoparticles, investigation of electrical properties, optical, antibacterial, Photocatalytic properties and enhancement of these properties. We are also focusing on the various other areas of nanotechnology relevant to future science and engineering e

The Nanotechnology Research Laboratory aims at initiating and pursuing research activities in areas related to nanotechnology and nanoscale phenomena through funded research projects, doctoral and masters level projects, bachelor degree projects, short term programs and collaborative research with other universities, institutes and industries. The major funding of the laboratory is through the Department of Science and Technology, Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) of the Government of India.  Apart from the experimental and computational facilities in the laboratory, assistance from centralized facilities and other laboratories are also utilized in synthesis, characterization and analysis, as and when required.


  • The major facilities available in the laboratory include standard equipment as well as experimental systems developed as part of the ongoing research projects.
  • High Energy Ball Milling
  • LCR Hi tester
  • Muffel Furnace (1400 ºC)
  • Hot air Oven (250 ºC )
  • Hydraulic Press,20 Ton
  • Fume Chamber

Our Team

 Dr. Tanushree Das                               Dr. Bikram Keshari Das         Mrs. Dipteerekha Das
Principal Investigator                            Co-Investigator                      Junior Research fellow

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