Project Description

Principal Investigator of the project:  Dr. Rashmi Mohapatra, Dean, School of Comparative Indic Studies and Tribal Sciences, KISS DU

Name of the collaborating Institute: ILS,Bhubaneswar & RMRC, Bhubaneswar

Project Area – Maidalpur & Chandahandi Panchayat  of  Nabarangpur District


Training and Capacity building: The project will work on the production value chain so as to intervene both at the collective level and at individual levels for developing entrepreneurship for focusing on enhancing their on-/ off- and non-farm income levels. This would be achieved through adequate training in farming and the allied sector. The proposed project will impart technological and skill empowerment focusing on on-farm, off-farm and non-farm interventions. It will include imparting training to farmers on sustainable development models, to progressive farmer communities on production of value added products using local bioresources and training on various entrepreneurial skills starting with seed and planting material production and other profitable enterprises such as vermicomposting, handicrafts, local food products and other activities. We would also encourage individual centric entrepreneurship development through linking with financial institutions. This part of the project will be lead by KISS deemed to be University with support from both ILS and RMRC.